Virginia Tech Surge Space Building

Location: Virginia Tech Campus
Blacksburg, Virginia
Type Facility: Flex space for classrooms and offices
Size: 48,000 square feet
Architect: HSMM, Roanoke, Virginia

Virginia Tech is a dynamic, growing university that continually reinvents itself to meet the changing needs of its students. One result of the university’s growth and reinvention is the continuing need to renovate classroom, laboratory and office space. A major challenge in renovating is where to put the displaced occupants while the work is occurring. The Surge Space Building is the university’s response.

The 48,000 square foot Surge Space Building is a university grade flex space building, ready to accommodate the needs of virtually any university department displaced by renovations. The open floor plan building can be fitted to house classrooms, laboratories, offices, libraries or virtually any other university activity. 

The flexibility of the building is made possible through several building features. The building shell uses a pre-engineered building framework with a standing seam roof. The 30’ x 60’ column grid is open for the addition of partitions required by the occupant. A central core of restrooms and utility rooms are the only permanent walls in the building. The exterior of the building uses a combination of horizontal metal panels, cementitious panels, and native limestone from Virginia Tech’s own quarries, known as “Hokie Stone.”

The flexibility of the space is enhanced by over 41,000 square feet of access flooring. All communications, data and HVAC system can be reached, changed or be rerouted by simply removing flooring sections. Construction of the Surge Space Building was accomplished meeting an aggressive 210 day period. Appropriately enough, the first tenant was the Department of Architecture.