VFP Corporation


VFP Incorporated is a leading manufacturer of shel- ters used in the communications industry. The Duffield, Virginia, facility manufactures a complete line of precast concrete shelters that can be placed in remote locations, virtually impervious to van- dalism or damage from natural causes.

In order to meet the rapidly changing needs of the telecommunications industry, VFP retained H. S. Williams Company to design and build a customer fit-out building to compliment the products pro- duced in the existing facility. The building was designed to provide a friendly work environment for the installation of communications equipment in the shelters.

The pre-engineered building features a twenty five foot clear height which can accommodate future bridge crane systems. Eighteen foot wide doors allow ample room for the shelters, which can be as wide as sixteen feet. The exposed structural components ware painted white, and metal ha- lide lighting with acrylic lenses insure high light levels. Electrical test stations featuring single and three phase power in several voltages are located throughout the building. Infrared heating units heat the manufacturing area supplemented by ceiling paddle fans to reduce thermal stratification. Roof mounted gas furnaces with electric air condition- ing heat and cool the office.

A four thousand square foot office is attached to the manufacturing area.

Actual construction, including site development, was completed in one hundred twenty days. The total project time, including design and permitting, was fie and one half months.

H. S. Williams Company provided all design, site development, and building construction for the project.

Duffield, Virginia
Manufacturing Facility
34,000 square feet

A Design-Build Project H.S. Williams Company, Inc. Cameron L. Wolfe, Jr. AIA