Utility Trailer Manufacturing Company

With over five acres under roof, the Glade Spring dry freight plant is the latest addition to Utility Trailer Manufacturing Company’s international network of truck trailer manufacturing facilities.

The plant is located on a 112 acre site and uses over 43 acres for the building and outside stor- age. Development of the site required extensive excavation and wetlands mitigation meeting federal standards.

The manufacturing building uses a pre-engi- neered building system designed to meet current and future production needs. Column spacing is designed to permit linear production process that uses an extensive network of cranes and material handling systems. Column spacing also var- ies to allow the installation of specialized produc- tion machinery and jigs. Columns along the length of the building vary in spacing from 20 to 75 feet. Spans across the width of the building range from 40 to 120 feet. The structure is designed without main frame side wall columns in two locations to allow crane systems to travel into a future addition.

A full perimeter wall light band allows natural light into the building. The entire interior is painted white to increase lighting levels and encourage quality control.

A extensive network of crane systems supports the production activities in the plant. A total of nine, five-ton top running bridge cranes serve the pro- duction areas. Seven monorail material handling systems serve subassembly areas as well as the paint and finishing areas. Several floor mounted jib cranes are also located in the building. Addi- tional crane systems can be added to the structure as production needs increase.

The manufacturing building is heated by air makeup units that also provide summer ventila- tion. The 11,680 square foot office is heated with natural gas furnaces and is fully air conditioned. Electrical power is provided by a 4,000 amp main panel and an extensive 1,600 amp bus duct net- work.

The H.S. Williams Company provided all design and construction services for the project.

Glade Spring, Virginia
Truck Trailer Manufacturing Facility
252,000 square feet
A Design-Build Project H.S. Williams Company, Inc. Cameron L. Wolfe, Jr., AIA