Sheridan Square

Sheridan Square is an office development overlooking the Kingsport Meadowview Convention Center and Golf Course. The developing area reflects the architecture of the convention center, borrowing from the prairie style of architecture. The development makes extensive use of traditional materials such as wood timbers, brick, and stone.

Sheridan Square was designed and constructed to meet the needs of a regional headquarters of a gas and coal company while meeting the architectural requirements of the Meadowview district. The four-story structural steel frame is clad with a variety of materials. Reflective glass, brick, cultured stone, ceramic tile and solid wood timbers all grace the building. The interior makes extensive use of the same materials in public spaces and conference rooms.

Through close cooperation with Clark and Company and Mark Freeman Associates, the project was constructed on a fast track basis in only 10 months.

The H.S. Williams Company served as the general contractor for the project.

Location: Kingsport, Tennessee
Developer: Clark and Company, Kingsport, Tennessee
Facility Type: Regional Company Headquarters
Size: 46,569 sq. ft.
Architect: Mark Freeman Associates, Kingsport, Tennessee