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Philips is one of the world’s biggest names in consumer electronics. In the United States Philips’ consumer products are sold primarily under the Magnavox trade name. The company’s color televisions are produced in Greeneville, Tennessee. The H.S. Williams Company designed and built the Philips National Audi-Visual Products National Distribution Center addition to the Greeneville plant.

The 358,000 squre foot pre-engineered distribution center features 40 dock doors, 40’ x 40’ bay spacing, masonry wainscot to 8 feet, a standing seam roof system, an overhead conveyor system and an automatic guided vehicle system. Due to fire protection require- ments, the building is divided into two indepen- dent structures separated by a four-hour rated fire wall. Both buildings are capable of standing alone should catastrophic damage occur to the other.

Construction of the faciltiy required unusually close coordination with 6the owner due to the need to tie the additon to the existing plant’s shipping area without disrupting either shipping operations or plant production. The H.S. Williams Company accomplished this task without causing a single lost hour of plant production time.

The H.S. Williams Company provided all design and construction services for the project.
Project Description
Greeneville, Tennessee
Warehouse and Distribution Center
358,000 square feet
 A Design-Build Project H.S. Williams Company, Inc.
Cameron L. Wolfe, Jr. AIA