Lane Enterprises

Lane Enterprises is one of the leading manufacturers of pipe products used in the construction industry. Lane offers a full line of smooth wall corrugated plastic, welded steel, and metal corrugated pipe. The Wytheville, Virginia, plant was established to supply the growing demand for smooth wall corrugated plastic pipe and underground stormwater storage systems.

Located on a 25-acre site in Progress Industrial Park, over eighty percent of the property was developed as the building site, a building expansion area, parking, and exterior storage. An extensive underground drainage system was designed and installed by the H.S. Williams team to control subsurface water. An on-site UV wastewater treatment system was also installed. Grading allowed Lane to install a dual-track railroad spur for raw materials deliveries.

The 27,179 square foot building includes 23,284 square feet of manufacturing space. The 30-foot high manufacturing area includes a utility area for plant services, a mezzanine for future development, a 12.5 ton capacity bridge crane and provisions for doubling the size of the facility in the future. A masonry wainscot is located on three of the exterior walls with metal panels above. The expansion wall features metal panels with interior liner panels. A wall light band allows natural light to bathe the area. Extensive ventilation allows the dissipation of heat generated in the extrusion process. A concrete trench system allows utility access to the extruders while keeping the utilities out of the way of traffic. This allows for future utility additions without disrupting production.

A 3,895 square foot office area was constructed on the front of the manufacturing area. The office includes general offices, testing laboratories, worker conveniences and a break area.

The H.S. Williams Company provided all general construction services for the project.

Wytheville, Virginia Manufacturing Facility | 27,179 sq. ft. | NuTech Design Associates York, Pennsylvania