Dana Corporation

Dana Corporation is one of the major domestic automotive parts manufacturers. As part of a company reorganization and cost-saving program, Dana located a facility dedicated to the manufacture of automobile axles in the City of Buena Vista, Virginia. Located on the western edge of the Blue Ridge Mountains, Buena Vista offered an exceptional location with quick interstate access to existing facilities and suppliers in the northeast and customers in the southeast. H.S. Williams Company was selected as the project’s general contractor.

Starting with a site prepared by the City, the facility was built with production flexibility, economy, and security in mind. The 135,000 square foot facility features 50-foot bay spacing achieved with a structural frame joist and deck system, 28-foot eave height and a perimeter of precast insulated concrete wall panels. In addition to the concrete walls, a curtain wall system with energy-efficient reflective glass was used at the office area. The building makes use of a white membrane roof system.

The majority of the building is open for production activities. A 15,000 square foot, two-story office and employee services area is located on one corner of the building. The second floor of the office is dedicated to employee training and computer services.

Heat and noise producing building functions, such as the electrical service, air compressors, and mechanical areas, are isolated from the production area with masonry walls.

To enhance the work environment, the interior structural steel and decking system was painted white.

The H.S. Williams Company served as the general contractor for the project.

Location: Buena Vista, Virginia
Type Facility: Manufacture of Auto Parts
Size: 135,000 sq. ft.
Architect: Jeffery N. Norman Maumee, Ohio