TI Automotive Group, a division of the TI Group of Abingdon, England, is the foremost producer of fuel and brake line systems for the automotive in- dustry. The Greeneville, Tennessee, assembly plant was established to meet the rapidly growing demand for parts by automotive assembly plants in the southeast.

The Greeneville Automotive Group facility was designed to offer an unusually friendly worker en- vironment. All exposed structural steel was painted white, helping to increase lighting levels, and manufacturing and warehousing floors re- ceived light reflective hardeners, further increas- ing light levels. Extensive training and employee break areas were constructed, each visible from the manufacturing area by floor to ceiling windows. The manufacturing and employee services areas were fully air conditioned for employee comfort and product quality control.

The pre-engineered structure features a 30’ x 50’ column grid and a standing seam roof. The me- chanical and electrical rooms are fully isolated from the manufacturing area by masonry walls. The ware house area is isolated by a partition which can be removed as the area is converted to manu- facturing.

The H. S. Williams Company provided all design and construction services for the project.

Greeneville, Tennessee
Transportation Parts Manufacturing
119,852 square feet
A Design-Build Project H. S. Williams Company, Inc. J. A. Jacobs Associates