Angus-Palm Industries

Greeneville, Tennessee
Transportation Parts Manufacturing
161,250 square feet
A Design-Build Project H.S. Williams Company J.L. Jacobs Associates

Angus-Palm Industries, of Watertown, South Dakota, is a manufacturer of steel roll-over protective structures used in construction and agricultural equipment. For its first eastern manufacturing facility, Angus-Palm chose the H.S. Williams Company as its design-build contractor.

The Greeneville Angus-Palm facility was designed to meet the immediate manufacturing needs of existing contracts and to provide the flexibility required to meet future manufacturing requirements. The 30’ x 50’ bay spacing in the building was chosen for its economy while providing a flexible grid for equipment and processes. Since the manufacturing process involves the use of heavy steel plate and bar, all building columns were reinforced for two, 2-ton jib cranes. The building was also reinforced for three, 5-ton bridge crane systems and for material handling conveyors. Bridge crane systems were provided by H.S. Williams Company.
The building shell features an 8’ high masonry wainscot and a standing seam roof.

In order to enhance the work environment and promote quality, the interior received high lighting levels. Lighting was also enhanced by the use of a light-reflective floor hardener in the floor slab. All exposed structural steel was painted white to further increase light levels.

The project required a concrete pit for an E-coat line, 20’ wide by 10’ deep x 145’ long, as well as three paint booth pits. An office area, 8,120 square feet in size, was constructed with a mezzanine above it for future office space. The building is powered by a 4,000 amp main electrical service with power distributed in the building from three, 600 amp bus duct sections.

The H.S. Williams Company provided all design and construction services for the project.